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lent with intent :: eating lots of humble pie, hope as a habit + miracles amidst COVID-19 chaos

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

i had to look up which wednesday in february was 40 days ago,



let's face it,

40 days ago

everything felt a heck of a lot different.

february 26 seems like a year ago.

and in that "year,"

a lot was brought to light.

a new sort of faith has been birthed in many of us.

it's been tested for us, too.

we've uncovered a virus.

the enemy has used this mofo to run train on our wellbeing.

on our faith.

on our hope

and on our lives.

i started this post to share a list of things that i was fortunate to celebrate & learn since ash wednesday.

this isn't about me though.

it's about Him.

so even though i was able to celebrate:

new babies + new mommies to be.

travel to Lake Tahoe.

boyfriends & 36th birthdays (neither is plural, but go with me on this).

developing prayer with hopeful expectation as a daily habit.

closing my last deals at one job

…during COVID-19...

& starting a brand new job, remotely.

spending time with big.

my amazing pup stokley, and a stellar photoshoot with Brent Livingood.

my current house going under contract.

my future home & its current owners accepting my offer.

anticipating new chapters.

the first (quite unintentional, conference call) sunburn of 2020.

my first time housepartying (on the app).

long hair.

zoom workouts with my gym-fam.

and even celebrating my current house buyers bailing on the contract.

/// yes. i'm celebrating that too. \\\

God's got something different planned

for little ole me.

for whoever is in this WITH me (i hope y'all are!).

these two houses.

and my future.

...in this ordinary place.

not sure what that looks like yet.

but THIS,

in and of itself,

has taught me how to have faith like David (against Goliath)

and to find joy in all of this...

instead of looking at all of these celebrations

to help me measure God's faithfulness,

i can see Him.

seek Him.

His face.

in this miracle

of the ordinary.

...that cannot be explained or described yet.

and for the first time in a handful of years,

trust exists.


have you tried to quantify God's love for you?

me too.

and every.



...i can't.


/// news flash, unrelated to coronavirus \\\

in a world that pressures us into being better,

more attractive,


younger (looking),



and perfect,

seeing humility as the condition of choice is an act of holy opposition.

Jesus was our first example of such opposition!

He spoke through dust and sat with prostitutes.

in a time of faithlessness, lawlessness & absolute wreckage, he brought faith and healing through ordinary elements of everyday life.

He’s right here.

with us.

in every dusty corner.

long hallway.

in the wins.

the losses.

the celebrations.

the failures.

and the beginnings,

middles and ends.

this WITHness cannot be quantified!

this is why we need him near,

and why it matters that we stick together.

...especially whilst social distancing.

when we take our essential trips,

let us welcome into our lives the complicated people doing their best,

finding their own attempts lacking...

and remember neediness is our birthright.

and also-

that it's still okay to smile and make eye contact with people.

we are all thirsty.

and in this together thirst,

the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

because somehow,

each of us,


and all of us,



and yellow,

black and white-

reflect God.

He illuminates.

we radiate.

isn’t that amazing?!

when our (ordinary) lives get twisted up with the lives of our gym-fam.

when we fly (because flying takes trying and falling doesn't) in love with our neighbor's son.

and when we’re truly glad for the (new 1974) three bedroom brick ranch,

with the toasted HVAC,

old roof,

crumpling cement driveway...

and when inside,

it makes us feel the salt air,

start to sing,

and dance...

when we carry a map in our heart of walls built on a firm foundation,

but they're dusty,

and need maintenance...

when we shift our expectations away from novel miracles,

unicorn & rainbow love stories,

and being the best of the best, 100% of the time,

...to being awestruck in the ordinary,

loving the simplicity of WITHness,

and recognizing that this is actually the best...

no matter how normal.

how un-glitzy & un-glammy.

no matter the maintenance required,

or the winding, dirt (or sand) roads we may encounter...

...when we discern & choose to adventure WITH Him there anyway,

we will find ourselves at home.

/// safe \\\

in this safety, however,

are you & i.


and we are living, breathing contradictions.

| in His image...just like Jesus |

...if we’re willing to wake up to the demands of the world.

to press pause.

& rise to delight in Him, first.

He can enable us to see these normal miracles.

...and be surprised by the safety He provides in His intricate timing & placement.

immeasurable. unquantifiable.

He illuminates.

we radiate.


Psalm 22:19

“But you, Lord, do not be far from me.”


a prayer for you, my friend:

Abba father-

praise you for allowing us to see.

to see you there hanging on a tree,

where you bled.

and then you died,

and then you rose again for us.

praising you for your outcast notion.

for robbing the grave.

for redemption.

illuminate more.

show us more.

and allow us to trust you with every bit of our being.

lead us into what you're doing and where this path is taking us.

we know you're going to use it for your glory.

Lord, allow us to depend on you.

to delight in each moment with you.

shift our focus from the miracle we expected

to this miracle of yours.

in the unspectacular, let us shine your glory.

and may we radiate your love because of it.

let it be, Lord.


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