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Israel & Jordan: picture reel

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

i prayed lots. made new friends. found hidden gems. petted lots of tacos (kittens). walked where Jesus walked. swam in the Red Sea & floated in the Dead Sea. i hiked my tushy off in Petra & got to see inspired buildings sculpted with primal tools. i connected my learnings from the Old Testament to the Gospel of the New Testament. i heard muslim prayer songs. ate way too much hummus. enjoyed a good falafel and shwarma or ten. i smoked shisha and found out it tastes like trident when you order the watermelon kind.

i saw Old Jaffa; where Jonah disobeyed God and jumped into the sea & also where Tabitha (in Acts) gave her life to making clothing for women, sharing the gospel of Christ.

i left the US and questioned who i was becoming.

i returned and i know.

i am His.

He is WITH me,

and even when it feels like He's being shady, He's not.

He's preparing me to #LOVEbigger

#dreamBIG #travel #wanderlust #places #LOVE #hiddengem #israel #jordan #petra #goodpeople #lifetimelearner


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