• Kristina Wolfe (with credit given to contributors)

driven by hope in me, instead of movement

Updated: May 28, 2020

dear audacious one,

you're feeling stuck & stagnant.

your body aches for movement.

your heart yearns for recognition.

you've sought direction since the movement stopped.

since progress haulted.

which way should you go?



i've waited to give you clarity,

until you can clearly recognize your gift of joy.


i see you.

i hear you.

you're joyful when the world around you crumbles.

even when it hurts to remain steadfast in such delight,

you do.

i love that about you.

you have begun to think i've not seen you.

because you've felt stuck in ambient circumstance for quite some time.

you've not known what to expect next.

or when.

or even how.

and you've asked me to lead you.

in your patience & waiting, you remained focused on me.

...until i continued to allow time to tick past.

uncertainty to increase.

you've gotten distracted by doubt.

the enemy crept in.

you identified that, too, precious one.

you plead for me to move you mercifully on to the next right thing.

steadfast warrior,

hear me.

you love movement so much.

and you love it because it brings you joy.

but i never asked you to move.

nor did i give you direction.

your eyes weren't ready see me in it.

because i have already moved you.

i never asked you to walk.

i asked you to trust.

it is in the here.

in the now.

the movement was never up to you.

it was up to me, brave one.

i've held you all along.

i've chosen you.








where the joy is.


never forget that,

in your weighty decisions,

quick movements,


even in the static.

in the boring.




with you.

find your hope in me, instead of your next right thing.

chin up.

shine on.

with more love + joy than you could ever fathom,

Your King, who moves you through static

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