I have known Kristina for several years. She and I met while working for the same organization.


Kristina is one of the most dedicated, hardworking and innovative people I’ve had the pleasure of working with in any capacity. She is also compassionate, kind and never misses the opportunity to help others. 

Kristina is the type of person you can count on to keep a cool head in a stressful situation, and her positive attitude is contagious. Her energy and approach to life in general is always very go go go!

For these reasons I believe that whatever she sets her mind to she succeeds…and be a valuable asset to any organization and as a human being one to be grateful for knowing.

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Paul Simms

Kristina was instrumental to the success of the EFP Patient Summit in 2018 and was a keen member of the steering board for the first im-patient summit.

Working with her in the run-up and during the event was a pleasure and she certainly delivered on stage. 

I have, since, worked with her for EFP Philly & EFPPatients 2019, where she continues to deliver with enthusiasm and heart.

Her energy is infectious and she certainly motivates those around her with her can-do spirit.

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